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Ep49-Nick-Hoff 0

Ep49 – Nick Hoff

Nick Hoff is an up and coming comedian who featured for Jimmy on the road just finished a 3 month tour over the summer with his family and we discuss the trial and tribulations...

Ep48-Cross-Pollination-Situation 0

Ep48 – Cross-Pollination Situation

This week, Jimmy sits down with comedians Jason Lawhead and Mike Casentini to discuss a variety of topics happening in sports news as it pertains to Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice.

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Last-Comic-Standing 0

Episode #1 of Last Comic Standing, Season 8

Well, episode #1 of Last Comic Standing, Season 8 is in the books. If you missed it, here’s a little clip of the show. Enjoy. Remember to Tivo, DVR, VHS record it, whatever method...

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Ep45-Mick-Betancourt 0

Ep45 – Mick Betancourt

This week, Jimmy sits down with comedian and good friend, Mick Betancourt. Mick is an American writer and comedian who has written scripts for several television shows on major networks. Betancourt was born in...

Ep31-Henry-Phillips 0

Ep31 – Henry Phillips

Jimmy sits down with comedian, Henry Phillips. Henry Phillips has been seen and heard performing his twisted songs and stories on ‘Comedy Central Presents’, ABC’s ’Jimmy Kimmel Live’, and such nationally syndicated radio shows...

Ep32-Suli-Mccullough 0

Ep32 – Suli McCullough

Jimmy sits down with comedian and good friend, Suli McCullough. Suli McCullough is an American comic-actor and screenwriter. He is perhaps best known for his portrayal of “Crazy Legs” in the spoof movie Don’t...

Ep33-Matt-Davis 0

Ep33 – Matt Davis

Jimmy sits down with good friend and comedian Matt Davis. Matt Davis is a firm believer that nothing is sacred…nothing is safe. Logging repeat performances in over 150 cities and eight countries, well over...