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Ep49 – Nick Hoff

Nick Hoff is an up and coming comedian who featured for Jimmy on the road just finished a 3 month tour over the summer with his family and we discuss the trial and tribulations...

Ep48-Cross-Pollination-Situation 0

Ep48 – Cross-Pollination Situation

This week, Jimmy sits down with comedians Jason Lawhead and Mike Casentini to discuss a variety of topics happening in sports news as it pertains to Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice.

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Episode #1 of Last Comic Standing, Season 8

Well, episode #1 of Last Comic Standing, Season 8 is in the books. If you missed it, here’s a little clip of the show. Enjoy. Remember to Tivo, DVR, VHS record it, whatever method...

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Matt Davis 0

Ep1 – Matt Davis

Jimmy sits down with stand-up comedian Matt Davis to discuss comedy road stories as well as other things. Jimmy describes his trip to Djibouti, Africa. Also, special call-in from none other than Jimmy’s father,...

Claude Shires 0

Ep12 – Claude Shires

Jimmy opens the show with a story from his recent trip to Las Vegas to perform at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club. He sits down with good friend, comedian and the founder of TubeStart, Claude...

Nick Shubert 0

Ep13 – Nick Shubert

Jimmy opens the show with a rant about the recent TSA shooting at LAX and then sits down with his nephew, Nick Shubert as well as a call-in from Jimmy’s dad, Robert. Be sure...

rock reuben 0

Ep18 – Rock Reuben

Jimmy sits down with good friend, Rock Reuben. Rock is a producer and writer, known for Zookeeper (2011), Here Comes the Boom (2012) and The King of Queens (1998).Be sure to rate a comment...