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Ep51-Matt-Fulchiron 0

Ep51 – Matt Fulchiron

Jimmy sits dowm with Matt “Full Charge” Fulchiron and hilarity ensures. We talk American Sniper, Porn Actresses, and that Matt was living in New York for a year. Matt is a touring comedian and...

Ep50-Cross-Pollination 0

Ep50 – Cross Pollination

Jimmy sits down with Bret Ernst & Pete Giovine from the The Bret Ernst show on the network studios. Jimmy’s back after a brief hiatus from podcasting after doing a military tour through Latin...

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Last-Comic-Standing 0

Episode #1 of Last Comic Standing, Season 8

Well, episode #1 of Last Comic Standing, Season 8 is in the books. If you missed it, here’s a little clip of the show. Enjoy. Remember to Tivo, DVR, VHS record it, whatever method...

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Scott Henry 0

Ep9 – Scott Henry

Jimmy opens the show with a rant about mixologists and sits down with good friend, comedian and voiceover artist, Scott Henry. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes.

Eleanor-Kerrigan 0

Ep19 – Eleanor Kerrigan

Jimmy sits down with good friend and comedian, Eleanor Kerrigan. She’s an actress, known for The Melt (2012), Andrew Dice Clay: Indestructible (2012) and WOW Unleashed (2001). Also, jimmy gets a call from his...

Dave Wate 0

Ep16 – Dave Wate

Jimmy sits down with comedian Dave Wate. They discuss their time on the road. Just another round of great stories. Be sure to rate a comment on iTunes.

Ryan Singer 0

Ep11 – Ryan Singer

Jimmy opens the show with a rant about the power being out in his neighborhood, which leads to other disappointments regarding other services. He interviews good friend, Ryan Singer. He’s a comedian and web...