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Ep51-Matt-Fulchiron 0

Ep51 – Matt Fulchiron

Jimmy sits dowm with Matt “Full Charge” Fulchiron and hilarity ensures. We talk American Sniper, Porn Actresses, and that Matt was living in New York for a year. Matt is a touring comedian and...

Ep50-Cross-Pollination 0

Ep50 – Cross Pollination

Jimmy sits down with Bret Ernst & Pete Giovine from the The Bret Ernst show on the network studios. Jimmy’s back after a brief hiatus from podcasting after doing a military tour through Latin...

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Last-Comic-Standing 0

Episode #1 of Last Comic Standing, Season 8

Well, episode #1 of Last Comic Standing, Season 8 is in the books. If you missed it, here’s a little clip of the show. Enjoy. Remember to Tivo, DVR, VHS record it, whatever method...

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Ep31-Henry-Phillips 0

Ep31 – Henry Phillips

Jimmy sits down with comedian, Henry Phillips. Henry Phillips has been seen and heard performing his twisted songs and stories on ‘Comedy Central Presents’, ABC’s ’Jimmy Kimmel Live’, and such nationally syndicated radio shows...

Ep47-Last-Comic-Standing-Wrap-up 0

Ep47 – Last Comic Standing Wrap-up

Jimmy is back from a 2 week break, hitting the road hard all over the country, entertaining the crowds everywhere. Thanks to all the fans from Last Comic Standing who have continued to show...

Ep40-Aida-Rodriguez 0

Ep40 – Aida Rodriguez

This week, Jimmy sits down with comedian and Last Comic Standing Top-10 finalist, Aida Rodriguez. They discuss their experiences on the show as well as working the road. Be sure to rate and comment...

Ep46-Lachlan-Patterson 0

Ep46 – Lachlan Patterson

This week, Jimmy sits down with comedian and this years, Last Comic Standing Top 5 Finalist, Lachlan Patterson. To say Lachlan Patterson is having one of his better years would be an understatement. With...