Seinfeld pops in on Brad Garrett, hits the streets with Jerry Lewis

The guy who ventured onstage unexpectedly Tuesday night at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club?

Jerry Seinfeld.

The guy cruising the streets of VegasVille in a vintage convertible Jaguar on Wednesday with Jerry Lewis riding shotgun?

Also Jerry Seinfeld.

Popping up around town with “Phantom”-like agility, Seinfeld dropped in on a pair of pals in Las Vegas this week. He was in town to shoot his online series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” then stopped by Lewis’ Las Vegas home.

“The crowd thought I was BS-ing, but he walked out and the place came unglued,” Garrett said. “He was so amazingly gracious to everyone.” This week’s headliners at Garrett’s club, Jimmy Shubert and Dale Jones, have been leveling the place, which is characteristically packed whenever Garrett hosts.

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